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There are lots of places worth visiting around Strakonice. Discover a bit of history or try out some specialties of Czech cuisine. Here are a few tips where to go and what to do.

 This Gothic castle and Baroque chateau in one is located on the confluence of the Otava and Volyňka river. St Prokop Church is also part of the complex. The castle has been a protected cultural monument since 1958. It also houses Hradní sklípek restaurant, which serves typical Strakonice specialities.

This village is known chiefly as the site of the first major victory of the Hussites in 1420. An important archaeological site from the Middle Stone Age (10,000 – 4,000 BC), proving the region was settled a very long time ago, is located near Sudoměř.

Lying about 25 km west of Strakonice is the village of Rabí with a castle ruin of the same name. Legend has it that the famous Hussite military leader and Czech national hero Jan Žižka lost his eye here.

A village located 7 km south of Strakonice. It is chiefly known for the popular Czech film trilogy Slunce, seno, ….

This castle ruin is located 25 km south of Strakonice. Covering 1.27 ha, it is one of the largest ruins in the Czech Republic.

The oldest preserved water mill in Bohemia is located in the village of Hoslovice, about 20 km southwest of Strakonice.

Enjoy excellent coffee and a pleasant atmosphere while listening to a live concert.

Draught beer from local brewery. Traditional czech food and also specialities of European cuisine.

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